Ogdoadic Magick - Magical Artisans at Work

`Magick is the production of desired effects, whether in the person of the magician or exterior to it, by means of a deliberate and specialuse of powers and faculties within the psyche.' - Denning & Phillips,The Magical Philosophy

'I am always greatly amused at the manner in which outsiders expect the mysterious adepts of the occult Orders to live their lives. They seem to think the bow is always bent... Is any one to pose with that bow bent for all his days and nights?' - Dion Fortune, Moon Magic

Ceremonial magick, also called high magick or ritual magick and often described as a Western form of yoga, is a spiritual discipline leading to self-knowledge and growth. It provides a set of powerful tools that may be applied alongside a person's own religious background, allowing greater explorations of the inner self and the worlds both around us and within. Magicians are artisans and a far cry from the dour, book-bound intellectuals we are often portrayed to be. No! We dance, sing, chant, paint and celebrate our magick as an art and a way of life. "Dreamers, shapers, singers and makers" all!

This small site is a place where interesting things may happen from time to time. My name is Rachel Latour, author, lecturer and teacher. I am passionate about the study and practice of the Ogdoadic Tradition and Enochian Magick (Aurum Solis system). An Adept of the Order Aurum Solis, I have led Aurum Solis Commanderies and smaller Ogdoadic groups in the U.S. and Canada, and I am also a member of the Societas Magica. I created and am the current master of the Lapis Lazuli Circle, formally established during the tempus sementis of 2004 and currently centered in Mohave Valley, Arizona. As stated in the founding document membership will never be "larger than can sit comfortably around a dinner table." Lapis Lazuli is not affiliated with any larger body, nor do we intend to do so. Membership is strictly by invitation only.

The Circle was founded in spirit and tribute to Ficino's Careggi Circle, an on-going dialogue and practice spanning magick, enochian studies, astrology, art, theology, platonic philosophy and esoteric medicine. The intended outcome of the Lapis Lazuli Circle is nothing more or less than a personal renaissance: we intend to stir the spirit to a divine inspiration, perhaps a divine madness, to drive the creation of art, poetry, literature, music, dreams and philosophy. We may succeed, we may not, but we will each find something in the process for the Work of the Hero's journey toward the True Self and True Will.

If you'd like to discuss my book, the Lapis Lazuli Circle or anything else Ogdoadic, send me an email and I'll get back to you (time permitting).

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