Starting a Magical Library

Some of the listed books below appear in an appendix to my book Ogdoadic Magick, which was in turn taken from a list of recommended readings as once given to members of the Lapis Lazuli Lodge in California. Others are new additions as many excellent new texts and reprints of old texts have been published since that appendix was written. Some of the books listed are out of print, but none are difficult to find in stores dealing in used books. I have made links to for each book for those who are not fortunate enough to live near a magical bookstore they'd like to support or live in a place where one would rather not be seen going in and out of one. Some of these books aren't to be found in a typical magical bookshop, or even most traditional bookstores.

In general, for out of print books I recommend the excellent Bookfinder network.

The books listed here are in no particular order, and are certainly not meant to constitute a shopping list for your next paycheck. There is a tendency among many students, I have observed over the years, to confuse the acquisition of books with the acquisition of knowledge. Resist all such ideas, the abilities and accomplishments of a magician are not measured by their library, but rather by what has been absorbed and can be put to use from that library.

Aurum Solis Texts - These are basic texts that should be in the library of every Ogdoadic practitioner.

Understanding the Ogdoadic World - Aurum Solis and the Ogdoadic Tradition grew out of a larger world of neoplatonic thought and renaissance energy. These texts delve into those fascinating years and give insight into the philosophers and magicians who found the original Ogdoadic Current.

Tarot - The Tarot contains a great deal more than the potential for fortune-telling. Each tarot deck is a small magical textbook and encyclopedia of correspondences. Like books on magick, each deck serves a different purpose. Several are listed here as good starting places.

Other Magical Traditions - Clearly there are thousands of books on this subject, and more published almost every day. The books listed below have proven useful or at least interesting to many students.

Psychology and the Mind

Symbolism of Attainment

Historical and Philosophical Background

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