Ogdoadic Magick - The Book

Ogdoadic Magick is available in Spanish under the title Magia Ogdoadica. Available through online distributors.

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I have written a book entitled Ogdoadic Magick. The text was developed as a first year manual of study and practice created from the materials I have used to instruct new members of an Aurum Solis Commandery. As I wrote in the introduction: "If you, the reader, devote one year to this study and exploration of the Aurum Solis magical current, I can promise that you will learn a great deal about magick and about Aurum Solis. Most of all, you will learn about life. For magick is about life and light, and discovery of the true self."

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ISBN: 1-57863-208-0, 282 pages. Ogdoadic Magick is published by Weiser Books and is available at bookstores, both traditional and online.

From the Weiser catalog: "For the person wishing to undertake a reliable study of magic in a place where a working group is not established, or the person simply seeks a solitary practice, Norman Kraft has developed a credible and meaningful text for the initiate... Kraft illuminates the magician's path and provides a deeper understanding of the magician's intimate connections to the vital flow of life in the universe... Everything the initiate could desire is found in these pages: a foundation in magical ethics, an exploration of Jungian archetypes as magical tools, wards and warding, creating a magical robe, an introduction to the five magical elements and to Qabalah, as well as sensible instructions for establishing a daily and weekly practice."

From the Foreword, by Osborne Phillips, Former Grand Master of the Aurum Solis: "In Ogdoadic Magick, Norman Kraft skilfully guides the aspirant through the early stages of magical development, to establish a true and potent interaction of the natural faculties of the body and the astral levels of the psyche with the external pulses of the cosmos. This task, acknowledged here, is not laboriously to bring into existence the forces with which the magician operates; it is to recognize their existing reality, to know them reverently, and to direct them aright."

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